did he


i mean. did he what?

I’m not fixin’ to argue with you today, mam.
When Aaron gets into his “plantation” accent, it’s hard to get him out.

Aaron yelled when Kira and I joined in on Ciara’s “1,2 Step.”

Future plans...

Aaron: My kids aren't going to college. They don't have time for that. It doesn't fit into their shesule.
Sam: Can you spell that?
Aaron: S. H. Esh.

And that is how Aaron spells “success.”

I can’t say words with m in them. I’ve been trying all day to say “ocominamwak.”
Aaron, trying to say “Oconomowoc”

Stupify! Livosa!
Aaron trying to get people to leave him alone.

Why would anyone get a sweatshirt without a hood? It’s like a wool vest with sleeves that isn’t a v neck.
Aaron speaks the truth.

Me and Wendy go way back!
Aaron explaining his love of Wendy’s.

Mr. Hamilton is really sick, so Spencer tells him to take dayquil;
Mr Hamilton: I have Nyquil
Aaron Ronelle Harrell: What the fuck is that gonna do for you during the day?